Hiking and Biking The Ocho

 So I have been taking it easy the last couple months now that school has started (stay tuned as to why I haven’t been racing…I’m sure you can guess!).  So I decided to go on a hike while Mike biked the Ocho course.  Love that course!  I love how it has an awesome, long, drawn-out climb, and then once you get to the top….it’s all downhill from there!

I could barely geta hold of Mike on the downhill because of his super speed down the hill!

Meanwhile, Barney and I decided to take a stroll, and of course had to play a quick game of fetch.

We then proceeded to go the top of the hill and see what was on the other side.  Since it was close to sunset, we heard a pack of coyotes VERY nearby.  If any of you know me, I am insanely afraid of them, plus add the fact that my dog is miniature in size and well…we booked it!

It was nice to get a little jog in on the hike to make it feel somewhat worthwhile.  I can’t wait to get back into the exercise routine again.

P.S.  Here is Barney’s Halloween costume this year:

Mountainair, NM

 When I moved here three years ago, I knew NOTHING about New Mexico.  Las Cruces was a stopping ground on road trips to Texas and Florida, but that was about it.  We started doing mountain bike races and I was introduced to all the other cities of New Mexico like Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Gallup, and Los Alamos.  It’s pretty neat to explore these places and especially enjoy the awesome scenery.

Ever heard of Mountainair, NM?  Me neither.  Something about a town that’s named after a fresh mountain breeze.  I wish I would have gotten the pictures of the “main street”.  It was pretty much the whole town.

Anyway, Mike is finishing up the NM road series (he is trying to move up from Cat 5 and this was the last race).  I decided to join in, even though I had NO TRAINING whatsoever.

We got there and warmed up on the road.  It was cloudy, which was nice so we wouldn’t burn to death.  The race was 40 miles long and had a small climb at the end.

Mike was able to stay in the lead and got fifth in his category of more than 25 guys…awesome job!

My story ends tragically with being the naive one of my group.  I was in a group of 13 girls.  Three of them fell off the back and I was able to stay with the whole group until mile 25.  It was there a huge right turn happened.  One, I hate turns on a road bike and two, I hate people who cut me off on turns on a road bike.  And that’s what happened.  Four of us fell off the back of the group, and well, we stayed back.  I had so much rage and energy that I “pulled” the girls a lot to see if we could make it.  After being yelled at for going too fast, I slowed down and stayed with the girls.  At the finish line, they all slipped past me.  I was used. 😦  But I did learn to not help people if they are going too slow!

So I did it!  A road race!  9th place. He he.

Tasty Treats

My uncle sent these to me in the mail this week. It smelled like berries, BUT…this is the gloriousness that I saw when I opened them:

I LOVE chocolate covered strawberries and these were so good.  They didn’t have the leave son them so you could take a big bite and not have to worry about it.  Needless to say the hubby and I were very grateful.  P.S.  He sent them as a congratulations for winning state.

Mike and I went on a quick date night last night to our favorite local spot: Thai Delight.  Mike really likes the miso soup, and I admit I am not a huge fan of it, BUT the green onions make it very tolerable.  It reminds me that I need to find recipes with green onions.  They always seem to make the recipe ten times better, any suggestions?

Mike ordered our favorite dish, the Chicken Pad Thai (Hot) and I ordered the Beef Noodle Soup (Hot)

Well, I made a mistake.  Hot on Pad Thai is totally different from soup.  I had to drink so much water! I was literally crying on the way out.  It was embarrassing.

So we had to go get some frozen yogurt at Keva Juice to cool my mouth off.

Mike was annoyed because I wouldn’t let him eat until I took a picture.  🙂