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In January of 2013, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes.  Gestational diabetes is when you have out of control blood sugars only during the pregnancy.  Since I have a HUGE history of diabetes in the family and I am over the age of 30, the chances of me having it were very high.

My first reaction to it was pretty upsetting.  One of the symptoms that gave me a glimpse as to why I needed to control it was a sudden weight gain.  Also, waking up in the middle of the night in a complete thirst was another sign.

During your 28th week of pregnancy, they make you take a glucose tolerance test where you drink a sugary substance and then test your blood sugar levels.  After an hour, they test your level and then after two hours, they will check you again.  I actually was fine the first test, but the second test resulted in my blood sugar levels still being too high.

A couple of weeks later, I met with a dietician at the local health department.  It really helped to talk to someone about the diet you should have to control your diabetes.  I also received a blood glucose monitor that I use four times a day to check the levels I am at.  In the morning, I should be under 95 on the monitor.  During the day (two hours after each meal), I am supposed to stay under 120.  I keep a log sheet of my levels and then turn them in each doctor’s visit.

Even though my first reaction was to be upset at the fact that I had diabetes, I plan on using the same diet and monitoring after the baby is born.  Pairing carbohydrates with a protein is very important in a gestational diabetes diet.  My goal is to provide ideas for meals and activities for people with diabetes on my blog.  By the way, once you have a baby, the gestational diabetes goes away. It does not affect the baby at all.  The only risk is that if you don’t keep a well-balanced diet and exercise regimen, there is a high chance of developing Type II Diabetes within five to ten years.


Staying active is a key role and I plan on fighting off this disease!

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  1. check out diabetic warrior.com, and wheat belly. wheat and grains are a no go esp. with this history. You can have tight glucose control with not eating any wheat or grains. if you buy a glucose meter and check your glucose now after each meal you will see just how hight your sugars can be with any wheat product. the diabetic food pyramid states eating whole grains and breads are good, this is not true.

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