Wahoo’s Fish Tacos

When Mike and I go to San Diego, we stay at this same hotel along a bike path that takes you over to Mission Beach.  Along the way, there is a Wahoo’s Fish Tacos we park our bikes at and eat away.  It’s usually on the way back after a LONG 20-30 mile ride across San Diego and we usually wash it down with a well deserved Sierra Mist.
Anyway, I wanted to recreate the tacos, because they are awesome!  So here is my recipe:
1 cup of cilantro
3/4 cup miracle whip
1/2 cup of lime juice
(add more lime juice is sauce is dry)
corn tortillas
4 tilapia fillets
cajun seasoning
garlic salt
olive oil
Warm skillet on medium heat, add a little olive oil, and place 4 tilapia fillets on the skillet.  Sprinkle garlic salt and cajun seasoning on top.  Flip over fillets when browned.  Season tilapia fillet on the other side.  When fillet is cooked, cut into slices and remove fom the skillet.  Warm corn tortillas.
Sauce: Add one cup of cilantro, 3/4 cup of miracle whip, and 1/2 cup of lime juice into a blender.  Blend together ingredients until it becomes a sauce.  If not “saucy” enough, add more lime juice.
Apply as topping.

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