The Carrot Trick

I love carrots.  In fact, I have eaten so many carrots at one time that my hands actually turned orange.  This happened while I was teaching and it was a little bit embarrassing to speak in front of my kids knowing I looked that way.  I guess I went a little bit overboard, but I guess thats what happens when you drink carrot juice straight up, eat carrots at the same time, and you also put carrots in your smoothie that morning.

So I bought a package of carrots for some eating and the husband wanted in on the tastiness.  He was asking me if when I was little, did I ever eat carrots around the edge and then leave the core?  I thought about it and I did! 

Of course, the dog wanted in on it.

Halfway done.  Looks kind of funny.

Finished product.

Have you guys ever done this before as a kid or even as an adult?

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