Let’s Play Catch Up!

Things have been a little hectic around the house lately that I sort of dropped away from blogging for a week.  Mike and I had something sad happen in our lives, but are now ready to move on and be happy.  (Sorry for being vague, for as much as I blog, you think I would be blabbing about everything.  I like being private about some things though.)

I really am lucky to have a great friend for a husband.  We went on Tuesday Night Ride last night. In Las Cruces, on Tuesday nights, all the local mountain bikers come out to the Dona Ana’s and the parking lot gets full of bikes, bbq, and people hanging out. It’s so fun to see everyone and mountain bikers are so friendly.  I feel like they are my second family.  We really are, since we see each other at all the races! 


I’ve been still working on the Summer of Fitness and really feel like that I am getting the workouts down.  I do my “Two A Days” and I’m training for some upcoming races in running and biking, so it should help.  I really think diet is the key thing, so that’s my weakness right now that I am working on. Eat less sugar, fat, and carbs, and add on the protein.  I’m avoiding sodas and late night eating too.  It’s hard stuff!

So we bought some sparklers.  I LOVE the fourth of July.  My dad is specifically driving here for the fourth because we go a little crazy with the fireworks.  Last year, Barney got freaked out and ran away (which was the scariest thing), so we are trying to get him used to it.

This was his first reaction.  Scared to death!  Here is what happened next.

He turned evil!  My cute, little dog turns into a monster!  He hates them! Needless to say, he will be hanging out in the house on the Fourth this year.

P.S. Trader Joe’s peaches…..are delicious.  Add some Cool Whip Free and it’s a great dessert!

 Question: What is your favorite summertime fruit to eat? Any good recipe ideas?

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