Ultrasound Time!


Last week we were going in for our normal check up and were disappointed to find out that we weren’t scheduled for an ultrasound.  I mentioned to the midwife that we were really wanting to know the gender and were hoping to get the anatomy scan.  They pulled some strings and gave me some paperwork to go to the hospital.  Score!


The sad part was that we weren’t told until we were in the waiting room that husbands are not allowed in the back.  I was told it was because people bring a lot of people, but still don’t understand when the father is 50 percent the reason why the baby is there.


During the ultrasound I laid there praying that all fingers and toes were there and wouldn’t even look at the monitor. She finally confirmed that to me and then turned the monitor towards me and this was the position I saw.  She just wanted to dangle there and hang out.  The tech was trying to find out the gender for me but the baby’s legs were all crossed.


Mike and I love this picture because you can make out her cute lips and nose.  Hence the nickname, Lil’ Peck.


The tech put this picture in an envelope and kept telling me she wasn’t completely sure, but this was her suspicion as to what she thought the gender was.  Mike and I walked out to the car and opened the envelope together.  It’s a GIRL!

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