Ultrasound # 3

When I went in for my 23 week check up, they noticed the anatomy scan had not been fully completed, so they assigned me to go to get another ultrasound. I must admit I am so glad I switched over to my new doctor’s office. They have been very supportive and very personal about everything. The midwife said I would really like this place I was going to and I was not disappointed.

Mike came along to see our little girl in action. It was nice because they had a huge screen on the wall so he could watch everything going on. The girl did the usual 2D ultrasound where you see the basic makeup of the baby and then she turned on the 3D scan. Here are some of the shots we got:



Mike and I were laughing because her hand looks like a foot.  I even made a comment about it and she said the baby moved right when they took the picture.  You can kind of tell on the right hand side where her hand was.


I was so excited to see her little butt cheeks.  Little baby butts and feet are my favorite things!  Also, this was to confirm that she is definitely a girl! 🙂


It’s weird to see her facial features.  I definitely think we have a “chunker” on our hands.  If you look at her cheeks, she is starting to get some fat on them.  I think she is going to take after her mom with her newborn pictures.  I was HUGE!


She is also has some big feet too, which we can say came from dad! There was also one picture that I can’t find where she was opening her mouth to yawn and Mike started to make raptor sounds from Jurassic Park.  It was kind of creepy! I like the 3D ultrasounds, but they are a little creepy looking with the gold.  But I loved, loved, loved being able to see Baby Girl doing her thing!

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