27 Weeks!


How far along: 27 Weeks, 2 Days

Maternity clothes: Target has some awesome long shirts for only $9.99, so I stocked up on those and some workout clothes from Ross.  I am trying to not buy anything too expensive but the comfy shirts and workout pants are a necessity right now.

Stretch marks: Not yet, but this week my stomach is feeling EXTRA tight (like she doesn’t have any more room to grow!).  She is a growing girl!

Fitness: Well, bad news is I didn’t pass my glucose test.  Good news is, they are telling me to work out more.  That has triggered me to work out every day for more than a half an hour.  I took it pretty easy the first trimester and would definitely go back and up the treadmill and elliptical time, if I wasn’t so paranoid about losing the baby. First time mom here…hehe.

Sleep: One word: Insomnia.  My friend Jenn says that it’s natures way of preparing us to be up all night with the baby. What a cruel, cruel thing.

Best moment this week: I am not going to lie, there was really nothing too exciting about this week, and if it was, it wasn’t the “best”.  My mom sent us a rug and bumper with cute little bugs on it that I put up in the nursery.  Way cute.  Also, I am loving how excited Mike is getting about things.  He keeps going into the nursery and sitting and looking at everything. 

Miss anything: Due to the fact that I do have gestational diabetes, I REALLY REALLY miss sweets, and bread, and anything virtuous or lovely in the food department.  She is worth it though!

Morning sickness: No, but I have been pretty nauseous not having the usual meals that I eat.  Also, it feels like my stomach has shrunk.  I am guessing little girl is taking up so much room, I don’t really have room to eat anymore.

Movement:I think she is moving to position right now because her normal “stomping grounds” have become different.  She is definitely doing something down there.  I can’t tell her hands from her feet though.

Symptoms: Sore back, stomach ache, major leg cramps at night, indigestion, stuffy sinuses, you name it…it all started this week.  Welcome to the third trimester!

Food cravings: ICE CREAM!

Anything making you queasy or sick: I made some sugar-free mini cupcakes with my Babycakes maker and they made me so sick!

Have you started to show yet: Very dumb question.

Gender prediction: Girl. With a twinge of thinking it COULD be a boy.

Labor signs: I feel a little tight on the belly when I am working out.  I know Braxton-Hicks is common from here on out.

Belly button in or out: Still going strong and staying in! Woohoo!

Wedding rings on or off: On.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Moody. 😦  I am going to work on happy this week.  I have a cold and have been uncomfortable, but Mike has been very patient and helpful!

Looking forward to: Getting this baby out of me!! And the duathlon that Mike will be doing on Saturday. 🙂

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