Week 29!

IMG_3584How far along: 29 Weeks, 2 days

Maternity clothes: My favorite outfits are my maternity yoga pants I found at Ross, my empire waist dress I got at Marshalls, and my black work pants I got at Target.

Stretch marks: No.  I have gone through so many bottles of lotion! I’m not liking how I’m losing my muscle in my legs!

Fitness:Watched one of my friends run the Cupid’s Chase 5k and it got me so excited to get a jogging stroller.  There were so many people rocking it on times while running with the strollers!  (P.S. My friend did so well!  She beat her goal time by five minutes!)

Sleep: Up in the middle of the night….every night. (It’s 12:43am right now as I type this.) 

Best moment this week: Watching little girl move around in my stomach.  I still have not felt the hiccups yet, but she is definitely getting bigger. 

Miss anything: Ice Cream!  Running!  Biking!  P90x! Body Pump!

Morning sickness: Just low blood sugar at times.

Movement: She gets pretty comfy on my left side.  I am pretty lopsided most of the time.

Symptoms: Leg cramps and lack of sleep!

Food cravings: Hamburgers.  I want them.  And not a happy meal.  I want a BIG MAC.

Anything making you queasy or sick: When I don’t eat enough…

Have you started to show yet: Very dumb question.

Gender prediction: Girl.

Labor signs: No, but it is so weird to think we only have eight weeks until she is considered full term.  So crazy!!

Belly button in or out: It is starting to poke out a little! Ah!

Wedding rings on or off: On.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Work went so much better this week.  My student teacher is rocking it and we had really easy lessons.  I am so glad that I will have a long-term sub that knows my kids.  I think it will be a good transition.  When work goes well, then a happy pregnant woman I am!

Looking forward to: Going to Phoenix this week to watch Mike race three days in a row (I get off work! Woo hoo!), Valentine’s Dinner, shopping, and hopefully selling our Lexus!

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