32 Weeks!


How far along: 32 weeks, 2 days

Maternity clothes: The yoga pants are still my favorite.  My kids were asking me if there was a “special” store for pregnant people and I had to explain to them that a lot of stores have maternity sections.  They were in awe. I wish I had bought more maxi dresses or even just regular dresses to wear.  So comfortable and cute looking.  I don’t feel as frumpy dressed up in a dress.

Stretch marks: No..I keep lathering on the lotion!
Sleep: Slept great last night, as long as I sit up or sleep on my left side.  I am hoping to get more of that considering I don’t have very much longer me time!  This morning was the first time the baby kicking actually woke me up! She is going crazy down there. 
Best moment this week: Getting little gifts here and there from very thoughtful people.  Also, Mike was involved in a shooting at work (that wasn’t good) but the fact that he was so professional and calm about it.  I am so proud of him.   
Miss anything: Running, Safire the mountain bike (I looked at her longingly this morning sitting there alone in our garage), competing on the bike, doing certain gym workouts, Body PUMP!
Morning sickness:  None.
Movement: Yes! She has been extra crazy this week. Mike and I actually saw her make a WAVE across my stomach.  So sweet.
Food cravings: These almond milk shakes I’ve been making. They satisfy my sweet craving.  I really was craving Olive Garden’s soup and salad and ate like a champ when I went!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Only when little girl decides to move around a lot.  I had a few days this week where I couldn’t eat cause she was laying on my stomach and bladder and it was so uncomfortable!
Have you started to show yet: Dumb question.  Some kid at school asked how many kids I was having. Everywhere I go now I keep getting the random advice from ladies in line at the grocery store or dads who have daughters.
Gender prediction: GIRL!  I keep explaining to Mike certain things he is going to have to experience with a girl and he is in complete shock as to how to handle a girl, let alone a baby.  It cracks me up.
Labor signs: No.  She went from being head down to breach, but I don’t have to worry about that for another few weeks.
Belly button in or out: Flat, but it shows through my shirts now.  Ew.
Wedding rings on or off: Off.  I’m not sure I can fit them on, but I don’t want to try to get them stuck!
Happy or Moody most of the time: Both.  I am happiest in the mornings.  I get moody at work out of boredom and the fact that I have to let go of my classroom and I am a complete control freak.  Sigh…
Looking forward to: My work baby shower this week and Mike racing the local bike race put on by Zia Velo! (I am volunteering…I’ll be the pregnant girl at the time trial turn around!)

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