Top Ten Clothes I Would Recommend If You Ever Get Pregnant

Since I only plan on getting pregnant one more time after this, I thought I would document things that I am experiencing this pregnancy for later times to come, as well as to new moms out there that have no clue what they are doing (like me).


I really have been trying to figure out the clothes situation without going into major debt because, let’s face it, maternity clothes are WAY expensive!  I came up with a top ten list that I think will last me nine months and longer!

1. Larger Underwear: This is such a taboo subject, but you have to be realistic that your underwear is not going to fit and it’s going to be WAY uncomfortable.  Invest in at least 5-7 pairs so you don’t have to repeat or do laundry all the time.


2. Pajama Pants/Nightgowns: I have always been the fan of pajama pants in the first place, but never before have I loved them so much as when I come home from work or a workout and don’t want anything constricting me.  I also am a believer of one cute nightgown that you could wear around, as well as in the hospital when you are delivering.

3. Workout Pants/Sports Bras: Seeing that I am…ahem…flat chested (size A pre-pregnancy) right here, I have never understood the sport bra mentality until I became pregnant.  Two words. Life Saver…and a pain saver too. Also, workout pants are great around the house, doing chores, running quick errands, etc.  They are the all around “mom jean” but you look like you just got done doing an awesome workout in the process.


4. Maternity Jeans: I didn’t believe this one until I hit about 17 weeks.  I originally just bought one size up in my jeans and loved them, but now that I am pooching out even more, I am glad that someone suggested to get them.  It doesn’t mean you have to wash them every time either.  They are the staple for casual night or a date night with the hubby.


5. Black Skirt: I suggest getting a knee-length or a long skirt. Personally, I prefer my floor length black skirt that I bought pre-pregnancy and it is AWESOME.  You can switch any top around with it.

6. Black and White Cami Undershirts: Love them.  I bought the Rock and Republic brand at Kohl’s that are super long and help with feeling “supported” when it comes to my stomach.  Also, if some of my shirts go a little short, they help out with a layering look.

7. 3-5 Blouses: No need to go too crazy and wear a different outfit every day.  If you get the jeans, workout pants, skirts, and tights, then you really have a lot of different ideas for outfits.


8. Cardigan Sweaters/Blazers: I am a huge fan of these anyway WITHOUT being pregnant.  I feel better because when I am not feeling too cute on some days, these sweaters elongate me and make me feel skinnier.  I would start with the staples: black, white, brown, or grey and then get creative!


9. Dresses, Dresses, and More Dresses: A friend of mine recommended maxi dresses.  I am still on the hunt for a cute one and would love to wear one since they are so comfortable.  I also love my empire waist dresses that I bought pre-pregnancy.


10. Tights: These are great because if you have any large shirts, dresses, or skirts that just need a little length to them, then you can pull these on.  Plus, they are WAY comfortable!


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