Teaching A Baby


As you all know I am a middle school teacher, and have officially taken the next year off to become a stay at home mom for Olivia’s first year.  Switching gears to the newborn and toddler stage has been a little different.  I’ve never realized how little things are important to a baby.


Looking in mirrors, staring at purple polka dots, and talking to an elephant are daily activities right now.


She is thinking and taking everything in!


Even TV has caught her eye!  We have to be careful!


Here is a list of things I recommend to keep a newborn -4 month old occupied:

1. A playmat.

2. A bumbo.

3. Crinkly toys that make noise.

4. Pandora—so many awesome baby stations!

5. The Wabbanub!

6. Books! Even though they can’t read, she loves the pictures!


I also recommend using a Boppy (if you have one) to help with those babies that don’t like tummy time….like my kid!

Here’s to a year of learning how to be a kid all over again!


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