Happy Halloween 2013!


I love holidays!  For the past five years, I have been cramming the holidays down my husband’s throat! 🙂  Mike isn’t one to celebrate them, but since we have been married he has been a good sport about it.  This year we had to continue the holiday extravaganza because now we have a kid to share it with!


There are so many awesome things to do in Las Cruces around Halloween!  And we had to dress the part for all the things we did!


Of course we had to bust out with Barney’s hot dog costume, just so I could get a good laugh.  He looks so ashamed..


So then I put him in this monkey suit to make him feel even more ashamed!


Speaking of costumes, Mike’s mom was able to make a “Little Peck” (Olivia’s nickname since she has been in my stomach) costume to dress her up in!


We gave it a little try on the trunk or treat we took her to…it was a little too late at night to have too much fun.


We went to the Mesilla Valley Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch too.  Love that place!  I look forward to it every year!


Olivia had a good time hanging out with family and going on the hay ride.


Not to mention, Dad had to take her down the slide for the first time. (No reaction by the kid!)

I am looking forward to Thanksgiving in Las Vegas with my family and spending Christmas here with Mike’s family! Happy Holidays!

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