7 Months!


Stats: She went for her check up last month and gained a lot but didn’t grow too much!  I’m guessing she is about 17 pounds and hopefully 26 inches.

Favorites:  Bathtime! Sitting up and playing on her blanket in the living room, going on walks, sitting outside, chewing on EVERYTHING (including books…not really into reading them), eating food, looking at Dad and giving him a cheesy smile!

Lifesavers for Mom and Dad: The fact that she sits up so well and loves to sit and play for long periods of time! Love it! Monks is still a lifesaver! I also love her high chair.  She loves to suck on ice with her little “strainer” I have.  She also started eating puff cereal, but isn’t too sure about it, but it entertains her. Also, any babysitters that help us out! Thank you!


Things She Hates:  Getting out of the bathtub, being left alone in another room, not being able to reach certain toys..

Facts: Eating a lot more baby food (loves pears right now), starting to eat out of squeeze packets and tries puff cereal, sits and plays a lot more independently, more vocal…says words like “Ya-Ya” and “Da-Da” a lot. She is so smiley too! I love her voice.  She coos a lot and it sounds so sweet.  She LOVES Barney!

Sleep Habits:  Still trying to do the non-crying it out method and it’s going OK.  I think I’m just going to have to cave in and just let her cry.  She has two night awakenings and even if I stand there and tell her its ok, she will not stop crying.  Other than that, she naps great (3 naps a day) and sleeps from about 7 at night until 6 in the morning (with the exception of the two waking time).

Doctors Visits:  Not until 9 months. Hopefully we don’t get a sick baby!


Eating Habits: Eats about six bottles a day…and baby food. She loves pears, squash, sweet potatoes, and apples.

Milestones: Just this week she started to talk and sing a lot!! It is so fun and cute! She also had her first road trip to Vegas this month!

Looking Forward To: Celebrating Christmas with her!


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