9 Months!


Stats: 18 pounds and 27 inches; 90 percentile for her head!

Favorites: Playing with her teapot set she got for Christmas from Grandma and Aunt Robyn, Monks the Wabbanub, SHOPPING, banging measuring cups, playing drums on her stomach and table tops, singing and humming, and sticking her tongue out.


Lifesavers for Mom and Dad: Her high chair and the fact that she is eating more solids so I can cook and do chores until she is done.  Her playpen (she actually likes it).

Things She Hates:  Being left alone (sometimes), crawling (she could do it but she is too lazy, she would rather stand), getting out of the bathtub and getting lotion put on her.

Facts: She says “Mamama” and “Dadada” but doesn’t mean anything by it unless she is mad, then she will yell “Mama”.  She is teaching herself to stand by using the play pen or coffee table.  She loves to put things in her little bucket and then take them out. She likes her Mother Goose class she takes on Wednesdays.

Sleep Habits:  It is hit or miss still.  I finally started feeding her a lot more when she goes to bed, so she lasts longer but she still wakes up one to four times a night.

Doctors Visits:  I was feeling all guilty about the questions they asked me but soon found out it was more for a 12 month old.  I can’t wait for her to repeat words back to me and actually mean “Mama” and “Dada”.  Doctor said she looked pretty good and no worries.


Eating Habits: Eats about five bottles a day.  I give her three meals and two snacks.  She loves mashed and sweet potatoes and loves her fruits!  I’ve had to sneak spinach and green beans into her baby food and smoothies to get them down.

Milestones: Almost crawling (takes a few steps) but prefers standing, she likes to scoot around the room, she can move from her belly to her butt, she sits up in her crib now, she is very squirmy, and communicates a lot on whether she wants things or whether she is stuck. She is really good about playing with toys. She got her third tooth this month!

Looking Forward To: Crawling (even though that means trouble for me) and practicing standing and walking.  She is going on another airplane flight this month to Salt Lake!


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