12 Months!


Stats: According to doctor’s records…18.8 pounds and 2 feet 5 inches.

Favorites: From her birthday party…her green push car, Baby Stella, and the Klip Klops!

Lifesavers for Mom and Dad: The fact that she is more independent and wants to play with toys by herself.  She is not walking yet, but is so close!  Her toys keep her pretty entertained. Also her outings with other kids and her mother goose class keep her busy!


Dislikes:  Being left to go mountain biking, sleeping in her crib, being changed on her diaper table

Facts: She is definitely getting close to walking around.  She uses the couch and wall to stand up. She hasn’t tried the stairs or climbing yet.  She likes to eat bananas and pancakes for breakfast.

Sleep Habits:  Overall, if you don’t count her waking up at night, she sleeps from around 8:30-9:30 until about 7 in the morning.  She still wakes up at night and screams.  It is easier for me to just go in and touch her than to sit and listen to her scream for an hour.  She doesn’t want to eat and she doesn’t want to be held either.  It’s so weird…


Doctors Visits:  She had a pretty bad ear infection that led to croup.  I swear she got it from this indoor playground we went to.  Boo!  It was so sad to have such a sick baby. She had to get a steroid shot.

Habits: Still using the bottle 3 times a day. It will be interesting to start her on milk.  She likes to play with her toys right after breakfast and sometimes spends her time in her high chair watching Bubble Guppies.

Milestones: So close to walking…says words like “Ball” and “This”…

Looking Forward To: Walking and summertime!


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