23 Months!


Stats: I have no clue. She has one more month until her next appointment.  I swear she hasn’t gained any weight because she runs around like a complete psycho.


Favorites: Stickers.  She loves to put them on everything, including herself.  She loves to go outside and especially likes slides.  She loves to eat chocolate and sneaks it when I hide it somewhere.  It is all about “da-da” right now.  She always asks about him when he is gone.  She loves birds and dogs and is always looking for them when we drive around or go on walks.


Lifesavers for Mom and Dad: Anyone who is willing to babysit! I especially am extra grateful knowing that adding another one to the mix is just going to make me more exhausted.  This girl has a ton of energy and its only going to get worse!  I found a lot of counting games on my IPAD and those are great to use in waiting rooms and train rides.  She loves to color, so it gives me a little break when I need to do something.


Dislikes: Eating in general.  I was so happy when she wasn’t picky, but now she feels like play is more important than food.  While we are here in Chicago, I have to latch her into her stroller to make her eat.  Otherwise, she would run around and not eat.  Toddlers sure know how to change things up!  I just asked Mike what he thinks she dislikes right now and he said “sleeping in”.  She definitely does not let us sleep in.  Also, when we tell her no, she gets soooo upset and closes her eyes.


Facts: She loves the ABC’s and is learning the letters (not in order).  She knows random letters like C, X and O.  She also likes to count and can point out numbers like 6, 7, 8, and 9.


Sleep Habits: She was doing so awesome at home.  I really just had to lay her in bed and wait a few minutes and she would be out cold.  I am guessing because of change in environment and the fact that we are in a cool hotel, she thinks she has to wake up at the crack of dawn.  She naps for three hours a day though really well.


Doctors Visits:  None so far.  I’m sure as I type this, she will get some kind of sickness from going to all of these museums and public places.


Eating Habits: Like I said, she is more into play than eating.  I can get her to eat the Target brand squeeze pouches and crackers. For meals, I usually hide vegetables in a smoothie or squeeze form.  She does like to eat cucumbers and likes a good mac and cheese. She also loves chicken nuggets a lot. She is definitely a choc-o-holic like her mom.


Milestones: She is learning SO much.  She is catching on to ABCs and numbers, which is really cool.  I have yet to get her to learn her colors, but I know it will be really soon. She is repeating words I say.  She says “I’m gonna get you!” and “Hi dada” and “Hi mama” and definitely can communicate mostly in two to three word sentences.  It’s cool to see how excited she is to learn and is taking everything in.  She knows her animals and animal sounds really well and most of her basic body parts.  It’s nice that I can ask her to get things, because I will be using her when the baby is born!


Looking Forward To: Her 2nd birthday!  That means we are back and home, and better yet, Mike is back home!

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