Baby #2: 30 Weeks!



How far along: 30 Weeks

Maternity clothes: Pretty much gym clothes..unless I have to go to church…then it’s a long dress or skirt.  I love my maternity jeans.
 Stretch marks: No. Still a miracle.
 Sleep:  Pretty good.  I’ve been sleeping really hard and having the craziest dreams.  I keep having teacher dreams where my classroom is out of control.  They never go away!!  Also, the problem is that I have a toddler who decided not to sleep through the night anymore, so I keep having to sleep in spurts to go calm her down and get her back to sleep.  I think working out every day during nap time has worn me out too. I seriously have gotten so tired the last week.  I usually pop out of bed ready to do chores, but find myself dragging a lot more in the morning.  It takes me at least two hours to get out the door.
 Best moment this week: The realization that this is going to happen soon. I think hitting the 30 mark makes it real. I can feel him kick more and more too.  I think he is running out of space in there, because I can see him moving around a lot now.
Miss anything: I miss a lot of things.  This time of year gets me so excited to travel and go to the beach and bike and run races and then I realize I can’t do any of that.  The thing is I know this is just temporary, so I don’t feel sorry for myself at all.  I love summertime.  It totally brings me back to the college days of trying to figure out what I was going to do for the summer and then going on my adventures.
Morning sickness: I’ve been very lucky. No morning sickness at all.  The only bad thing I have is heartburn.  Tums and I are friends.
Movement: Like I said, he is definitely moving a lot more now.  He is a night owl and is starting to get more aggressive with his kicks, especially if I am making him uncomfortable with the way I am sitting.  He gave me a few big kicks tonight to let me know he wanted to move.
Food cravings: Sweets. I’ve noticed this week though that I am not as hungry at night.  I chalk that up to not having any stomach space by the end of the day.
 Anything making you queasy or sick: I made some leftovers the other day and had to throw them out.  It seems just the thought of leftover food is gross to me.
Have you started to show yet: I still have people asking if I am due any day now.  I went to a baby shower last week with a few girls that were also pregnant and I was pretty much the largest one there.  Thank you short torso!
Gender prediction: Boy.  It still is so crazy to think a boy will be in our house! Ah!
Labor signs: He is super low so I don’t think I will ever know if he drops.  It looks like I am going a week earlier than my due date, so I may not even go through the labor signs like I did with Olivia.
Belly button in or out: Flat and weird.  I don’t think it can pop out, which is nice.
Wedding rings on or off: Off.
Happy or Moody most of the time: A lot happier now that I am getting a routine of working out and some normalcy at home.  Chicago really screwed things up emotionally, physically, and mentally for me, so it is nice to try to get things calm here.
Looking forward to:  I actually started pulling everything out and getting a hospital bag together.  I pretty much am nesting right now where I want to deep clean the whole house!  And I will!

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