Luke: Month 2!


Stats: 22 inches 13.5 pounds

Favorites: He loves to sit up on the couch.  He also is loving baths now.  He sits in his bath chair and looks like he is soaking in a hot tub all comfortably.  He, of course, loves to eat!

Lifesavers for Mom and Dad: Whenever he goes in his car seat, he takes the best naps!  Also, when putting him to sleep, he likes his blanket to touch his face on his cheeks.


Dislikes: When I take too long to feed him.  It is usually because I am being tag teamed by Olivia.  They both seem to know when to yell at me at the same time.

Facts: He is making eye contact and opening his eyes a whole lot more.  His cry sounds like an angry cat and I am finding he uses his cry as a way to just talk.  He will cry for a minute and then stop and look all content.  He loves to be held in the evening.  The rest of the day he is pretty content just sitting and looking at things or sleeping.  He has reddish-brown hair that is slightly curly, but not like Olivia’s.  He has the cutest smile..I can’t wait until he REALLY smiles at me!


Sleep Habits: He sleeps on and off all day.  I can tell his really heavy sleep is about 9 at night until midnight and then it’s on and off all day until about noon and then he heavy sleeps until about 4 or 5.  We will figure it out one of these days.

Doctors Visits: Just for his two month appointment.  He had to get shots and was a champ!

Eating Habits: He eats exactly every three hours…it’s as if he has alarm clock.  He is still eating a lot at night too, which means I have to wake up a lot still. 😦

Milestones: Lots of smiling and eye contact!

Looking Forward To: I can’t wait until he can sit up on his own. He loves to sit against the couch right now but falls over every time!


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