Spring Break. Busy Busy.

So usually my Spring Break consists of being bored to death or wallowing over a guy (Isn’t it strange that every year for the past four years, a guy has broken up with me right before Sring Break?), so I decided to make sure this Spring Break was jam packed. So here it goes. The plan of action.

1. Tonight: Dinner with Michelle. It’s her birthday next week so we are all hanging out tonight.

2. Tomorrow: My niece is in the Henderson St. Patty’s Day parade, then traffic school (yes, again), and then Roo’s birthday party.

3. Church with Michelle. Back in the good old Foothills ward again.

4. Go to court and file my papers and then off to get the hair done! 🙂 Finally, by Liesl!

5. Tuesday through Thursday I am gone to California with my mom. Good stuff!

6. Thursday night at Stoney’s with Kaycee.

7. Camping with some friends at the Valley of Fire on Friday and Saturday.

8. And Easter Sunday with the mom.

Good times! 🙂

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