18 and 19 Months!


Again, I have slacked on keeping up with Luke and his blog entries. It looks like I will be doing things about two months at a time.  He is changing so much so I’m trying to capture everything he is doing and learning!

Stats: 25-26 pounds depending on how full the diaper is! He is 33 inches.  His BMI is over weight but they aren’t worrying because he looks healthy and doesn’t look like too much of a fatty!


Favorites: The last two months he has switched around with his favorite things and has gotten so much personality.  He was really into dolls and shopping carts and pushing things around the house.  Now he is really into cars and rolling them across the floor. He LOVES books! Almost every picture I capture of him now is when he has a book in his hand because it’s the only time he is standing still. If you sit on the floor, he crawls up into your lap and wants to read with you.  He still loves his Mickey blanket, but has been able to go to the gym day care without it.  He still brings it to nursery for comfort. He also loves nursery rhymes a lot! His favorite is the “Open/Shut” song and “Twinkle, Twinkle”. He also loves to wear HATS… a lot.


Lifesavers for Mom and Dad: Books, cars, the outdoors, his stroller to keep him contained, his high chair to keep him contained, Olivia to keep him entertained, and nursery rhymes.

Dislikes: When I tell him “Don’t even think about it…”. For as devilish as he looks, he actually listens pretty well about 80 percent of the time. He knows what cupboards not to get into and areas of the house I don’t want him to.  He hates it when I wipe his nose, and considering he has been pretty sick a lot, that happens a lot! He doesn’t like a lot of foods and is a little picky.


Facts: At 18 months, he had me super worried about talking but I feel like his 19th month he took off.  He says words like “sit, stand, stay, star, again, good, up, get, shoes, socks” and a few more. He says “good” when he is eating food and he is really good at saying “all done” when he is finished with something.  I credit this to the fact that he got tubes this month and really see a huge improvement, plus he has a speech therapist come visit once a week and she gives me ideas.  I love it when he says “Bye” because he really focuses on the B and it comes out loud. He can run pretty well and can now climb on the couch without trouble. He likes to jump on the bed and loves to dig and lay in the dirt out back.  He still loves to push the shopping cart around. He really loves numbers and can say the numbers 5, 6, and 8 really well. He knows the letters A,O, I, and E and can occasionally point to others if I ask him (like J and B).  He is getting better about staying close and has actually went from being super independent to being a little clingy with me. He loves to slide and play in Barney’s dog cage.


Sleep Habits: I’ve never really had to complain about his sleep habits. He has been sick though so I’ve had to go in a lot lately and hold him for a bit until he falls asleep and then put him back in his bead. He usually goes to bed around 8 or 9 at night and gets up around 7 or 8.  His naps range from 1 to sometimes 3 hours if I’m lucky. He definitely fights taking a nap!


Doctors Visits: I could write a whole page on his doctors visits again! I thought the last two months were bad and then it continued. More ear infections finally led to an appointment with an ENT and we finally got tubes placed in! He did great with the surgery. It was super fast and the people were so nice.  He didn’t cry at all and was playing around a few hours later.  This week he got a respiratory infection and he has had a lot of drainage from his ears, but that means the tubes are working!


Eating Habits: He is hit or miss. He used to eat everything, but now he has become a little picky.  He would eat mac and cheese every day if I let him! He loves pizza and chow mein and could eat cheese all day too. Watermelon, bananas, and goldfish are also his favorite.  I need more meal ideas!



Milestones: Running better, talking more, sharing items, understanding letters and numbers, playing pretend with cars, and he started NURSERY at church!



Looking Forward To:  No more sickness, teaching him how to swim, putting him in his two year old class once a week, learning more words including two and three word sentences.


Luke: 16 and 17 Months!


I’ve been way  behind on updating Luke’s stats so I’ll post two months of Luke on this entry.  In fact, I think his 15 month is a little short because I wrote a long post about him and then it ended up getting erased for some reason, so I gave up in frustration!


Stats: 24 pounds at 16 months and then up to 24.9 pounds at 17 months.  Still going strong on being a pound or two heavier than Olivia at this age. At his last doctor’s appointment he was 32 inches, which means he is growing about an inch a month.

Favorites: He isn’t as dependent on his Mickey Mouse blanket (except when I drop him off at daycare at the gym).  He loves to play with anything Olivia is playing with which annoys the heck out of her. We have a huge box in our bedroom that he likes to climb in. In fact, his favorite thing to do right now is hide in cabinets and in cubby holes.  He loves to go outside and would run around our backyard all day if I let him. He loves DAD and gives a cheesy grin and runs up to him. He loves trampolines. He loves to read books and will lay on his tummy and read books for a while like a teenage girl on the phone.  He loves to hide in Olivia’s closet and plays with all of her toys. He loves babies!


Lifesavers for Mom and Dad: His high chair (to keep him still), his train table, all of his Vtech toys (which end up in the car), Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, milk and food, and doors that lock.

Dislikes: When I don’t let him get into the dishwasher, when I take him away from Olivia when he is pestering her, when I won’t let him out of our front courtyard to run down the street, and when I take away the remote when he steals it.


Facts: He keeps getting faster and faster and loves to climb on everything.  He is a daredevil and loves to push the envelope.  He loves to clap and gets excited when people take pictures of him. He doesn’t say much, but he understands when I tell him to come, or when it is time to eat, or tell him to get his dad, or to go get his blanket.  (I think he has ear problems, which is contributing to his speech issues, plus I just think he just doesn’t want to.) He is such a happy guy and is always smiling.  He has puffy eyes when he wakes up in the morning, just like when I was little.  He is in his own little world and loves to look to the side or up at the ceiling while he walks around the room. He loves to put a blanket over his face and walk around.  He loves to open doors and has learned to escape.  He wears size 18 clothes but has short, stubby legs.  He  is definitely a morning kid. He adores Olivia even though she yells at him all the time. I tell her that I am going to get rid of him and she goes “You can’t. I LOVE him.”

Sleep Habits: He has been a great sleeper and I am extremely grateful for it.  We are definitely down to one nap a day.  Also, when he is sick, the awesome sleep is out the window.



Doctors Visits: I could write a whole page on his doctors visits.  I was bragging a while back about how my kids don’t get sick and then BAM! He got the stomach flu. Then he had hand, foot and mouth disease, and then three ear infections (which means tubes are being talked about), and then RSV. I blame it on the fact that he still puts EVERYTHING in this mouth.  It doesn’t help that three of his doctors moved away, so I ended up moving clinics.  It’s been a real mess. He is a real mess. Haha!


Eating Habits: He still is a pretty good eater.  He likes waffles, muffins, or pancakes for breakfast along with yogurt bites and juice.  For lunch, he loves things like chicken nuggets, cheese, lunch meat, carrots, and pretty much every dairy product out there. His favorite dinners are Panda Express chow mein and pizza.  Spaghetti and Macaroni and Cheese are always great fall backs too. He is picky about fruit, which is really weird to me.

Milestones: Walking and running pretty consistently.  Saying words like : get, blanket, hi and hey.  He points to things when I say it like his Jesus picture or a picture of a baby. He waves hi and bye with both hands.  He loves to talk to himself in the mirror.  He is starting to collect things in baskets.  He tries to put his shoes on and has tried to put hats on too. He’s gotten almost all of his teeth in but four of them.  He can climb like a champ.  He can use his car scooter now backward and forward. I feel like the last two months have been pretty good as to how well he is progressing.


Looking Forward To:  Speaking more, not being sick, putting him in gymnastics classes, taking him to nursery at church!!


Luke: 15 Months!


Stats: 23.5 pounds (60th percentile); 31 inches (50th percentile) I keep thinking he is small for his age because his cousins are HUGE, but he actually is normal and larger than Olivia was at this age (2 pounds heavier and 1 inch taller)!

Favorites: He still loves his Mickey Mouse blanket. In fact, we had to cut it in half because he gets it so filthy so that there is always one in the laundry.  We should have named him “Linus”. He loves to be anywhere his sister is which bugs the heck out of her.  On days she takes naps, he actually gets mad that she is asleep and bangs on her door. He loves to walk in circles around the house and especially loves outside! When we open our front door, he runs so fast to get out! He also loves to go on walks in his red car.


Lifesavers for Mom and Dad: I still occasionally throw him in the playpen if I need him to be restrained for a few minutes, going on car rides calms him down, and Olivia actually keeps him pretty entertained (even though she screams at him all day..bratty sister!).

Dislikes: When I take the remote away from him and tell him no, when I don’t let him outside, when I won’t let him climb and try to jump off things, and any green vegetable. Otherwise, he is pretty easy going.


Facts: He is on the move! He loves water and loves to roll around in it (if I spill some on the floor). He loves to go to the open gym and bounce on the trampoline. He says “Get!” a lot because I’m constantly telling the kids and dogs to get out of the way (picture me trying to go to the bathroom with two kids and a dog). He growls like a monster.  He still doesn’t say a lot of words though so we are working on that. When I ask him where Jesus is, he will point to his picture. When I ask him to wave at himself in the mirror, he will hold up his hand, but won’t wave. Little stinker. He tries to use a spoon and fork but doesn’t quite get it yet.

Sleep Habits: I don’t want to jinx myself but he really was easy to sleep through the night (I paid my dues with Olivia, okay??)


Doctors Visits: He had been doing great until a day before his check up appointment and decided to get the stomach bug! Thankfully we could just meet with the doctor the next day.

Eating Habits: He is a great eater (when he is not sick). He loves to eat pancakes, yogurt, cereal, carrots, grapes, apples, and especially loves pizza and spaghetti. He likes variety though and can’t have the same meal two days in a row.  He likes to try and eat things that are not edible too like dirt, sand, rocks, and whatever debris is around the house, so it makes it really fun.

Milestones: Finally walking and picking up the pace.  Opening and shutting doors. Saying a couple of words like “get” and “ganget” (blanket). Down to one nap. Really loves to play with kids. He tries to use a spoon and fork the right what but hasn’t succeeded. He is really good about using his fingers to pick up everything.

Looking Forward To:  Speaking more. I love when you can start communication! Christmas is going to be pretty cute this year!


Luke: 1 Year Old!


I can’t believe a whole year has gone by with this little man! He was such a calm and sweet baby and is now looking more like a kid every day (and turning into a crazy kid).  I feel like I am going to have my hands full with this one.

Stats: 21.5 pounds (50th percentile); 2 ft 5.5 inches (50th percentile)

Favorites: His Mickey Mouse blanket (he lights up every time I give it to him and snuggles it), anything with wheels, sliding across the house on any object that will move on the floor, getting into things he shouldn’t (and when you move him to another spot to redirect him, he is determined to go back to where he was), he loves FOOD a lot, leaning and standing against things, and definitely has become a mama’s boy.

Lifesavers for Mom and Dad: playpen to keep him out of trouble, his high chair to keep him restrained, his hippo stroller, and all of his toys that keep him occupied for hours (he is pretty good about playing by himself.


Dislikes: when mom leaves him behind, changing diapers (it’s like a wrestling match with him), and putting his shirts on (I swear I have to pin him down every time).

Facts: He just started going to gym day care and cries the whole time, he can walk assisted (like moving along furniture and walls) but refuses to walk on his own even though we know he could do it, says “Mama”and “Dada” and really means it when he says “Mama”, loves to be wrestled with, is super ticklish on his hips and neck, loves anything with buttons, loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Sleep Habits: He is a great night sleeper, but doesn’t do too great with naps. He takes one to two naps a day depending on what is going on.  He sleeps from 8 at night until about 7 in the morning.

Doctors Visits: His one year check up and also when he had these weird bumps all over this body, which we concluded were bug bites. I was so nervous that he had chicken pox! He did pretty well with his shots.


Eating Habits: This boy loves to eat! He eats toast, muffins, cereal, yogurt bites, and fruit for breakfast. Usually for lunch he will have some meat and carrots (or other veggies) and a squeeze.  For dinner, he loves mac and cheese or mashed potatoes with a side of fruit. He is officially off formula and drinking milk, which is so awesome!!

Milestones: Super clingy! No more formula, walking assisted, actually meaning “Mama” when he says it, mocking noises we make, showing a little interest in books, loves to push things with wheels. He loves songs and music! Twinkle, Twinkle is his favorite song.

Looking Forward To:  Even though I will regret saying this, it will be a little nicer when he walks (even though he gets into everything now). I definitely look forward to him talking!


Olivia: 3 Years Old!


Now that Olivia is older, I stopped doing the month by month and now would like to update this blog at least every six months with her! It’s crazy how much she has grown since my last entry for her.

Stats: 3 ft 3.5 inches , 32 pounds (Last October she was 2 ft 11 inches, 29 pounds..she grew so much!)


Favorites: Where to start. This girl loves PLAY and EVERYTHING that has to do with it. She starts the day with an episode of Paw Patrol, Team Umizoomi, or Daniel Tiger to start off her day.  Most days we swim, go to storytime, shop, or go to the mall and ride the rides. She loves to go to Gym Magic to open gym.  She loves her best friend Mallory and always asks about her. She loves to dig and still loves to carry around her monkeys and talks to them.

Lifesavers for Mom and Dad: ABC Mouse, Going to Kids Kountry (to socialize), playing with puzzles, her bike and scooter keep her busy


Dislikes: When I put her in time out (she has the time out cry), when Luke touches anything of hers or even looks at her in the car (“Stop looking at me Baby Luke!”), other kids touching Luke, making her go to bed when she wants to play, taking toys away when she gets out of control.


Facts: The dentist said that her gap is actually a good thing and is not the least concerned about it.  She is stopped DAILY and asked if her hair is natural. She loves to bike, go for walks, play at the park for hours, and constantly asks if we are going to go to California.  She can sing so many songs by heart, but “I am a Child of God” is her favorite. She listens to the same three CDs in the car over and over again. She loves to be the boss of Luke. When she is super excited about something, she won’t say a word but just looks at you and jumps as high as she can. She seriously needs to be in drama because we ask her to show an emotion and she will act it out perfectly for us.

Sleep Habits: So so nice! She still naps for me and sometimes will go three hours if I let her! She goes to bed between 9 and 10 and gets up around 7 or 8 (with the nap during the day). Some days we go without nap and she goes to bed about 8. She transitioned to a big girl bed like it was nothing and I’ve had no issues with it, except the occasional falling out of bed.


Doctors Visits: She seriously just sprained her ankle last week, but other than that she’s been pretty good about avoiding catastrophe (knock on wood).

Eating Habits: She loves to eat cereal or muffins for breakfast and is not a fan of eggs (even though she ate them a ton when she was smaller). Her lunch consists of sandwiches, lunchables, nuggets, leftover dinner, apples, bananas, etc. She will eat every fruit out there. She is pretty much a snacker during the day and doesn’t really obsess about food (which I don’t push her to eat). She loves pizza and macaroni and cheese. She even likes broccoli because of school.


Milestones: So many! Her vocabulary is so different than six months ago.  I can have full on conversations with her and ask her to do favors for me all of the time. We are still working on her answering “Why?” questions. She can recite “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” word for word and does it with her Old McDonald book too. She can swim only with floaties.  She ran a 100m race in May for Run Disney. She can lift her feet on her balance bike and is just beginning to use pedals on her other bike. She went from crying when I put her in daycare, to not caring at all if I drop her off at school or gym daycare. I love that!

Looking Forward To:  Having more grown up conversations with her. I really love our family vacations with her and how excited she is to travel. Christmas is going to be so fun this year! This age is difficult at times, but really fun at the same time!


Luke: 10 Months!


Stats: 29 inches, 21 pounds (No doctor visit this month!)

Favorites: He still really loves to play with blocks.  He also has a fascination with his little V Tech singing bus and helicopter. He brings them in the car with him.  He also is obsessed with Mickey. If I show him his blanket or a cartoon of him, he gets really happy. He is starting to play rough.  He likes to wrestle.


Lifesavers for Mom and Dad: He can sit in his play pen for a long time and just sits and plays with his toys. He is practicing trying to stand up and can do it with assistance of the side of the play pen.  He also loves to sit in his high chair for a while and chill out.  He really likes to play in Olivia’s room.

Things He Hates: Now that he is more active, he hates diaper changes and clothes changing and I must say I hate it too.  It is a chore to put clothes on him while he is crawling away!  And whoever came up with button up clothes instead of zippers, obviously never dealt with a ten month old before!


Facts: He added another tooth this month and now has four teeth.  He is definitely eating a lot more and has become a little bit of a light sleeper. I found out that sharing a room with him wakes him up more so I am glad he has his own room now. He has become more clingy and moody, which makes me sad because he used to go to EVERYONE!

Sleep Habits:  2 naps (one in the morning for an hour and a half and the other for about a half an hour) and then sleeps from around eight at night until  seven or eight in the morning.


Doctors Visits: None this month.

Eating Habits: He loves to eat carrots a lot and is into eating oranges and peaches too. He loves muffins and pancakes in the morning with his yogurt bites. He eats mashed potatoes a lot along with rice.  He loves to drink from a straw.


Milestones: Three teeth, Went swimming for the first time, Feeds himself, Loves to look at books, Crawls around, Stands with assistance, and Drinks from Straw. He is really good about drinking from a sippy on his own.

Looking Forward To: Standing and Walking (I know its asking for it, but it gets annoying that he can’t walk with me into stores.)!

Luke: 9 Months!

Poor Luke got dissed because of all of the moving around we had to do this month! We moved out of our house, stayed at Uncle Brent’s for a month, and then moved into our new place! Fortunately, he got to go to Disneyland for the first time this month and he had a blast!


Stats: 19.8 pounds, 27.5 inches

Favorites: He sure does love his milk, he tries to stand but doesn’t win, trying to crawl, he loves to kick his toys, he loves to sit in Olivia’s room and try to play with her toys, he EATS EVERYTHING! He especially loves Mickey Mouse! He loved DISNEYLAND!


Lifesavers for Mom and Dad: We love to put the Lego Duplo blocks out and he spends a long time playing with those! The high chair and play pens have been a great help! He is really good about playing by himself.

Things He Hates:  Teething stunk this month and he is starting to be a little clingy and not want to go to others.


Facts: 3 teeth now and is almost crawling! Drinks out of a sippy like a champ!

Sleep Habits:  He is a great night sleeper, but his naps stink! He takes three naps a day but not for long.  He was throwing up pretty bad on and off for two weeks straight, which really screwed him up.


Doctors Visits:  His 9 month appointment and unfortunately he had two other doctors visits for the stomach flu.  Olivia and I were lucky not to get it , but Mike got it!

Eating Habits: Eats about six bottles a day…and still loves his baby food.  I’ve added soft breads to the list.  He loves chopped up carrots too.


Milestones: Going to Disneyland, On all fours, Has his own room now!

Looking Forward To: For him to stand up!


Luke: 7 Months!


Stats: He doesn’t have a doctor’s appointment this month, so I am going to totally guess and say 18 pounds and 26 inches based on his last visit.

Favorites: He is the most pleasant right when he wakes up in the morning (definitely a morning baby). He loves fruits and loves to munch on puff cereal.  He is really into banging things together and loves to splash in the bathtub! (I feel like I am in the splash zone at Sea World.)  He loves his blanket and rubs it on his face all of the time.  He isn’t as dependent on his pacifier as he is the blanket, which makes it hard when I have to wash it.  He loves to cuddle and be held.


Lifesavers for Mom and Dad: Now that he has started to sit up on his own, it is a whole new world of play for him, which is nice.  He likes to play with Lego Duplo blocks and a small drum toy.  He loves his teething rings and chews on it all day. He is great at night sleeping!

Things He Hates:  When I take too long to get his food ready.  When it’s way past his bed time.  I honestly am having a hard time thinking of stuff because he is such a pleasant baby!


Facts: Two bottom teeth.  Sitting up on his own.  Banging and splashing things. Smiling all the time.  Babbles a lot in the evening.  Loves to look at Barney and ADORES his sister. Loves to look at books.  He loves to play with blocks a lot and is interested in what Olivia does.  Loves to be held by anyone.  Loves to sit in his car seat. Has a great sense of humor.

Sleep Habits:  He does great at night but doesn’t like to nap during the day. I put him down between 7 and 8 and he will sleep until 5.  I will feed him and then he goes back to sleep until 8.  I don’t count on this happening for the rest of his life so I am soaking it in right now.  I really want to train him to nap when Olivia naps, so my life could be easier, but I can’t complain!


Doctors Visits:  Not until 9 months. Hopefully we don’t get a sick baby!

Eating Habits: Eats about six bottles a day…and baby food. He loves pears, squash, sweet potatoes, and apples.


Milestones: Sitting up for a really long time without falling, communication food and sleep, kicking and army crawling

Looking Forward To: For him to stand up!

Luke: 6 Months!


Stats: 17.8 pounds and 25 inches

Favorites: His mickey blanket (I think we have a Linus on our hands), froggie, his playmats, he smiles so big at Olivia even though she mainly wants nothing to do with him (unless I make her)

Lifesavers for Mom and Dad: He basically has stations around the house to keep him busy when he is not being held: His kicking piano (which he loves to kick), his jumper, his playpen, his playmat and his high chair. He is so good about playing on his own! He loves to jump!


Dislikes: Not being fed fast enough. He’s not a fan of green beans and peas, but he will eat a few bites. Nightime.  The bewitching hour is around seven at night.  He is ready for bed but fights it a little.  

Facts: Eating baby food, two teeth, sitting up like a frog, smiling a lot, likes to pull on his rings and dangly toys, loves to shop and look around at things, he loves to grab my phone out of my hand…


Sleep Habits: He falls asleep pretty well, but then wakes up once or twice a night. We are trying to wean him from the night feedings this month.

Doctors Visits: He did great at his six month check up and even had to get his shots.  He still had a little cradle cap, that we managed to get rid of this month! He got a pretty bad cold for a couple of weeks that seemed like it would never go away!

Eating Habits: He is still eating about six ounces four to five times a day and then baby food two to three times a day.  He loves pears, peaches, apples, squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, and bananas.

Milestones: two bottom teeth, finally sitting up a little, eating pureed foods, babbling and screeching a lot

Looking Forward To: Being able to sit him up in a shopping cart and sitting him up to play with toys.



Luke: 5 Months!


Stats: (estimating) 23 inches, 16.5 pounds

Favorites: His blanket! He loves to rub it on his cheeks and gets so happy when we cover him with it. He loves to jump in his jumper and loves to smile at himself in the mirror.

Lifesavers for Mom and Dad: His playmat, jumper, swing, and high chair.  We pretty much rotate him around those all day.

Dislikes: Waiting too long to feed him and putting him in his car seat when he is playing.  Other than that, he is a pretty pleasant baby.

Facts: He is all about his feet and toes. He chews on EVERYTHING and loves to suck on your finger. He doesn’t have any teeth yet, but I am expecting some soon.  He has some curl to his hair after bath time. He loves to roll over from back to front really fast.  He is starting to flap his arms and kick his legs a whole bunch.  He started baby food, which pears and squash are his favorites. (Green beans not so much..).  He loves to be held and played with by anyone and is so sweet.


Sleep Habits: He has about 3-4 naps a day depending on how  busy we are. He takes his best nap in the morning.  At night, he falls asleep around 8 or 9 and then wakes up once or twice to eat.

Doctors Visits: Just waiting on his six month appointment.  We are sure he has some major eczema going on and have been trying to treat it, even though he won’t stop rubbing his face!


Eating Habits: He eats six ounces of milk every three hours and then baby food for dinner. We are upping the baby food next month!

Milestones: Grabbing feet, starting to sit on his own (lazy bum), talking a lot more, eating baby food, jumping assisted, standing assisted

Looking Forward To: His sixth month appointment…just to see how big he is and if he has hit all of his milestones.