Stand A Little Taller

Today I had it. I have heard so many mean things from people saying stuff to me, or to my family, or to my friends and I was so mad. And I got so mad at everything!! But then I started thinking about something, especially after a talk with my coworker today. Through all the trials that I have been through, my beliefs have been my one constant thing. Even when I get so angry and I want to give up, if someone were to ask me to deny my beliefs, I could not. I’ve even thought about why things happened or why God lets bad things happen to people and I still could not be the least bit angry at Him.

Even if I feel like the crappiest person ever sometimes, I do know that I am human.
I wanted to share this with you all. I’ve been all mopey the last few days, but I’ve played this a few times and it gives me hope. I loved President Hinckley just like a lot of people. The one thing I liked about him is that he made me feel real. When I watch this, I see him with all the same emotions we all go through. He was human too, yet such an example. It made think about my life and the important things. He makes me want to be a better person and even though I screw up a lot, I don’t feel like a complete failure. I thank him for giving me hope about myself when others make me feel so low about myself. What a great guy!

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