The last month or so I have been so confused with things and feeling like I was being put through the ringer. I lost a friendship that was really important to me and it sent me into a tail spin. I’ve questioned a lot of things about myself and have learned so much. I feel like I am growing up. Well…sort of..haha. (See below.)

So I pulled my first prank today. All week these three students I have had been bugging me to get my ex back at school. My ex and I are pretty good friends now so I was willing to have a little fun with it. So today was the day. This morning I emailed a fellow staff member that has a master key to the school and asked her if I could borrow it. She totally let me have it. Then I emailed my ex on the school mail and asked him if he could come to my room for lunch because I did something bad and wanted to talk to him about. Poor thing. He’s been so good about talking to me lately that I totally took advantage of that. He wrote back and said “Of course”. So I knew I had a ten minute window at least cause he is all the way across campus. So as soon as the lunch bell rang, the three boys go running to my room and grab toilet paper that I had ready for them. I sneak outside and watch my ex leave his classroom and walk to the cafeteria. So we book it down the parking lot to his room. All of my other students are watching me run across campus. I open the door, let the kids in, and the totally destoy the room. Toilet paper everywhere……his desk, through the ceiling tiles, and then they wrote on the board “Your car is next”. I lock the door and send the kids to the cafeteria. So I totally run into my ex on the way back! I had to play it off that I had to run back to my classroom and told him I would talk to him later. Long story short, the dean found out! But thank goodness my ex was a good sport and totally let it slide.

So I am expecting a backlash…let’s see what happens.

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