So my ex got me back this week! Monday afternoon I got a phone call from him at exactly 2:11 when school lets out. See, I went to my new school and he went to his new school so neither of us were on campus. He told me I better go to school early on Tuesday..and that was basically it. I totally thought he was bluffing!

So I walk in my room in the morning and ALL of my desks are moved. One of them is completely flipped over (let me remind you I teach science and the tables are VERY heavy!). There is confetti EVERYWHERE!, paper towels from the ceiling, my books are everywhere, and silly string all over my pictures, posters, etc. Not to mention, all week I have been finding confetti in EVERY drawer in my classroom. Today I opened my lab cabinet and pulled out a paper and all this confetti fell on top of me!!!

Pictures coming soon…pretty much the silly string is crusted to my walls and good luck to the teacher next year that has my classroom…she’s gonna have confetti on everything!

Let me know if you have any ideas.

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