A Funny Story.

I’ve been in a bad mood all day. I woke up really mad cause I went to bed really mad so I thought I would share a funny story so that I (and if you are in a bad mood) could get out of my grumpy mood.

So Saturday night, Britt and I decide to go to an Institute dance. Yes, I know….we were bored. So we get all primped up and drive across town. Miles decided to meet us there. When we pull up and get out of the car, Miles jumps out and looks in (we see about maybe 20 people and thats it) and cusses really loud! That’s not the story but if you know Miles, that is so him.

So after the dance we decided to go to Red Rock Casino to watch a show and we kind of got side tracked and ended up at the grocery store because we were cooking a Sunday dinner the following night. I’m so tired I was “drunk tired” (You know when you get so tired EVERYTHING is funny..) walking through Albertson’s trying to carry a handful of a lot of stuff. So we go to check out. I asked the guy how he was doing and he goes “Better now.” He kind of creeped me out so I hurried and bought my stuff and told Britt I was going to go return the cart.

So the guy tells Brittany that her hair flatters her face and that he liked it. He then goes “That pasta looks delicious..I love this pasta, may I ask how you are going to prepare it?” Brittany then tells him that she is making pasta salad and he goes “I like that. Then again anything those hands prepare would be amazing.” AHHH!! Then he asked her how tall she was and then goes “It fits you well.” And then tells her e is not flirting, just being courteous.

All I heard was him yelling out after she left that “He hopes to see her again”. Needless to say she was angry at me for taking the cart back.

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