From The Mouths of Babes.

I told my sister that I am going to start blogging about being a teacher because I don’t have any kids and my single life is a drag right now. Basically I will do this to help me remember how to raise my kids when I actually do settle down to have kids.

It’s teacher appreciation week and so my kids were told in their math class to make a card for one of their teachers, so in my mailbox today I got a stack of them. So cute.

Here are some quotes:

“All of my teachers are wonderful, but I choose you because our class has been giving you a hard time this week. I am sorry for that. You’re a great teacher.”

“You were so nice this year. You didn’t really give that much homework. You let us toilet paper Mr. Fogler’s classroom. Thank you Ms. Bray.”

“Out of all my teachers, you are my favorite. Thank you for being my science teacher.”

“Dear Ms. Bray. I picked you out of all of my teachers. That means you are my fav! OH YEAH! I apologize for being late to class, but believe me, I try my hardest to get there on time. Sorry its sucky. I would write more but we only had 15 minutes.”
(She was on time today.)

“You are the coolest teacher that I know of.”

“I really appreciate what you have done for us through the whole year. Science is my favorite class.”

“Thank you for everything. You are my #1 favorite teacher.” (He also drew a random chicken in Paris on my card.)

“Thank you for helping me out with my work.”

“You are a very bright, colorful, and kind teacher. I am glad I had you as a teacher.”

“Science is probably one of the best subjects ever. Everything we do in your class is fun! No matter what we do it is never boring. The crazy conversations we have are hilarious.”

“You rock! For the best teacher ever. I present you with this award.” (She made a pin out of notebook paper with a #1 on it.) “P.S. Please don’t move.”

“Thank you for all the good times in class. Especially all the labs that we have. My favorite lab was when we did the cookie dough lab. Thank you for everything.”

“You have taught me a lot!”

“Yay for Bray! I guess this week we are supposed to like, appreciate teachers. You’re a teacher, so I guess you would like some appreciation. At least I picked you over Mr. Fogler. Well, anyway, you’re a radtastic teacher! Yay for Bray! I suppose I’ll tone down my hyperness in your class. Maaayyyybeee.”

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