You’re So Last Summer.

So I got an email from a friend who likes to make music videos. It was totally random because the last time I saw him was about a month ago at some barbecue. Anyway, he asked me if I wanted to be in a music video and the ham in me was like “Of course!”. So he told me to dress like a high schooler and meet him at an address on Saturday. It’s so weird though because there were way too many weird circumstances surrounding the video shoot. I am so superstitious! Haha.

One of the weird things was that the video was of Taking Back Sunday’s song “You’re So Last Summer”. If you know me I am not a huge music guru, but about three years ago I met my friend Josh over the internet and we instantly became really good friends (nothing more..he gets married this fall!). One thing was that he was teaching me new music I should like and the first thing he suggested was getting a Taking Back Sunday cd. “You’re So Last Summer” was the ONLY song I would listen to and have listened to. Another thing was that it was filmed right across the steeet from the school I teach at. There are many other random things and I’ll spare you the details, but I swear it weirded me out. I am a loon! Yes I know!

Anyway, here is the song. I’ll post the video as soon as he is done editing it. I also took pictures while we were waiting between shots and I’ll post them later too. The story in our video is about a pasycho girl that stalks a boy in our class. Seriously, the people who were there were hilarious.

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