Albertsons. It’s Your Store.

So I have concluded that Albertson’s and I have a strange relationship. Every time I go there, something strange happens. Brittany and I decided to boycott the Albertson’s on Town Center and Charleston because of the “pasta” incident (see my post titled “A Funny Story”). A week after that incident I went to the same Albertson’s and was asked for my phone number by a cashier, a female cashier. I am sure it was just a friendly chat but for some reason it went above and beyond my normal space.

Tonight another incident occurred and yes, it was at Albertson’s of all places. I walked into the store to pick up some stuff for my lab at school tomorrow. I always fight whether or not to get a cart because if I don’t get one, then I don’t spend as much money and go in and get what I need and get out of there. So I partly walked in, changed my mind, and then walked back out to get a cart because I was getting heavy stuff.

Anyway, I remember seeing a guy glance at me on the way in and usually when a guy tries to make eye contact with me I just glance sideways and try to pretend like I am doing something, which I did this time. So I grab my cart and check out, never seeing tha guy again.

As I was driving home I see a slip of paper on the windshield wiper on my car. I cringed because in the last year I have had to deal with my insurance company twice for car accidents and I was cursing the person that had bumped my car and left a note. The note was fluttering in the wind and I did notice there was writing, so I immediately pulled off. When I opened the note, this is what it said:

“Hi I know this is weird but I would give it a try. I’m Chad. I saw you go in Albertson’s. I was behind you. Anyways, text me some time. -Chad”

He also put his stats “27, military” on there. I think it was the guy on the way in, but the weird thing is that if I had not turned around, I would of never known who he was.

I kinda think its funny but a little creepy considering it was 8 at night and dark out by the time I walked out. My mom flipped out and mentioned I could of been raped, but honestly, I thought it was just all out strange. I’m sure this has happened to many of you, but I find it very random and gutsy for a complete stranger to assume I am not married and totally stalk a complete stranger in a store.

Good times.

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