A Close of One Chapter. A Beginning of Another.

Last night Michelle invited me to a farewell party for an old bishop of mine. I was really hesitant about going because when I left there was a lot of craziness going on. My boyfriend and I had split up, I had a huge fallout with a girlfriend, and life just felt like a complete mess. The funny thing is as I was driving down there I totally felt ok about it. One, it was almost two years a go and so much as happened since then, and two, I was excited to close a chapter in my life. This move from Mannion is also a part of it, considering this ward was a HUGE reason why I moved to that school and I’m ready. I am ready to make the change and roll with the punches.

In short, it was the best get together I had been to in a LONG time. I loved it! I saw a lot of old friends that cared about me and I saw my new friends too. It was so great!

I was telling Michelle on the way home that its gatherings like that when you totally feel the Spirit. I was able to see my ex and be so excited for him and his wife and have no malice at all. I loved seeing everyone and I picture the same thing when all of us pass away and are meeting each other on the other side. I am so sappy and sentimental, but it’s exactly how I feel.

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