Nanoscience Nerd Alert.

This past week I have been taking some classes towards my masters. I get paid 1000 dollars for six days and get three graduate credits for it. It is all based around nanoscience. Seriously, when I first read that on the application I was totally weirded out and had no clue what it was. So I found out its this big trend now where scientists look at things that are really tiny (not microscopic..but even smaller than that..which is nano) and they have studied that things that are nano have different qualities than normal things that we can see with our eyes. The qualities of nano-technology will supposedly make things like 10 million times stronger, faster, more durable, etc.

Side note: I will spare you the math and science lectures that I have had. But I’ll tell you what, today I totally lost it. I sit with this really funny group of guys. During a lecture on protein self assembly (yes I know, nerdy), I totally lost it laughing so hard that I had to almost leave the room. So it’s been way fun to meet new people, and really funny people might I add.

But anyway, as boring as it sounds, it’s actually kind of cool to see some of the stuff that they are making out there. Like look at this clip on a “nano shirt”:

So anyway, I’m just putting that out there for you guys to start looking at it. It’s amazing how much science has learned and is learning. I’ve been studying it if you have any basic questions…kind of nerdy huh? 🙂

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