The Adventures at the Airport

So I am stuck in the Salt Lake City airport for about five hours. I decided to take a little internet break and then basically I am going to walk the airport and count how many times it takes to walk the whole thing until my flight leaves. Fun stuff huh?

I got on here to blog because the people watching is amazing here. You can’t help but listen in on conversations or watch people interact with each other. I’ve always been a fan of people watching since the days of high school when we would go down to the Strip and watch the tourists walk around.

I especially love the elevator music playing in the background. Right now it’s playing a flute version of the Spice Girls song “Two Become One”. Amazing.

Right now there is this guy yelling into his phone “Don’t you dare tell anyone, anything! Don’t you dare!” I seriously feel like he is going to beat whoever it is on the other end of the phone. He is still yelling, yet he mysteriously hid himself in the silver cubicles that the pay phones sit in.

Then there are the questionable people that you are not too sure you want to come into contact with. I heard this lady in the bathroom stall next to me muttering. I even told myself she has to have someone in there with her. No she didn’t. As I was washing my hands, she walks out all disheveled and continues muttering to herself and then goes “And see…they even control how much soap we get too!” and looks at me using the automatic soap dispenser. I quickly looked in the mirror and jetted out of the bathroom. Creeeeppy.

Anyway, I’ll keep this short. Off to New Mexico again!

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