I’m Getting Married!

Mike came into town this weekend to meet the whole family and get a tour of Vegas. I totally had no clue he had another scheme planned too. I guess this past week he picked up a ring in the process! (We had looked at them before a LONG time ago!).

So I decided to take him up to Mt. Charleston because we were both so sick of the Strip and all the people and traffic. Too bad the traffic was even worse at Cathedral Rock! So we drove over to Lee Canyon and I showed him the snowboard resort. We found this really cute trail called Bristlecone Trail and had ourselves a little nature hike. It was neat because it was a mountain bike trail too so it made Mike happy.

Anyway, so we hike up a ways and Mike kept stopping to tell me that he had to use the bathroom. I seriously was calling him a girl because he had been doing that the whole trip. So we made it up to this portion of the trail where a log was sitting. (By the way, this is a total re-enactment. We are totally cheesy.) Mike took off to “go to the bathroom” again while I sat thinking.

While I was sitting there thinking about things and enjoying the scenery, Mike called me over to show me some “ring of trees” (aspens) that looked really cool. He walked me over to big tree with a bunch of bushes around it. It was really beautiful.

I’m watching him closely and one second he was standing, the next second he was on the ground. It was like milliseconds. He was scrounging through the bushes. I thought he was pulling a bush out and then he pulled out a box. I didn’t see the box at first, I just heard the words “Will you marry me?”.

I was like “Are you joking with me? You actually got it?” (Not that I didn’t want to, just that Mike usually puts off doing things…haha.) and I kept saying “Are you kidding me?” until I finally noticed the ring. The weird part is that I didn’t even cry! And usually I am such a crybaby! He was so cute cause he was tearing up. I couldn’t tell if it was because of panic or the fact that he was being emotional!

Of course when all reality set in I said “Yes!” (after him saying “Is that a yes?”) and then I was stunned for the next ten minutes sitting with him and talking about it.

Here are pics of the ring too. I’m getting married guys!

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