Conference Weekend

This weekend I made another whirlwind trip to Las Cruces. Since it was conference weekend, we thought it would be relaxing to have a weekend of chilling, watching conference, and family time.

On Saturday night, the boys went to priesthood session and the girls decided to take advantage of that and go to La Posta, which is in downtown Las Cruces. It’s a pretty good mexican restaurant in the middle of Old Mesilla (which is a little old town where Billy the Kid hung out).

There is this scary parrot outside the restaurant that scared the living daylights out of Christa and me!

There was also a Jazz festival going on in the square, so we stopped and checked it out!

And of course, we had to get some custard too…(The Barrow girls..Me, Christa, Robin, and Candi).

The pretty trees outside Mike’s parents house. There are farms everywhere and any kind of plant you can think of. Pecan trees, corn, chilis, cotton, etc..

These are the Organs, which is one of the mountain ranges in Las Cruces. They look like a pipe organ. I think thats how they got their name! Hehe.

And last but not least, the highlight of my trip was this little shaved ice stand right across the street from the neighborhood. We passed by it a few times and I was eyeing it. I coaxed Mike into taking me..and Mike didn’t object.

1 thought on “Conference Weekend

  1. Lib, Lib, Lib,Great family! I can’t wait to meet them.I don’t think I’ve seen you look so happy.Well, maybe you were happier riding Space Mountain with me.DAD

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