Thanksgiving Weekend Random Pictures

I flew down to Las Cruces for Thanksgiving Weekend to see Mike. It had been since Halloween since I had seen him so I was very excited! I did get a little homesick though. 😦 It was my first Thanksgiving without the family, but I still had a lot of fun. We hung out with family, bought a 52 inch flat screen tv, and played Wii! Here are some random pictures from the weekend.

I was sad to pack up the pumpkin from Halloween.
Mike was checking out my new decoration, the Christmas tree!

Pecan Pie at Thanksgiving Dinner!

I decorated the mantle too!

He doesn’t look too thrilled about the tree!

Brad and Christa at the kids table..hehe..

Mike trying on his suit. FYI I have NEVER seen the boy in a suit.

O.K. We got stuck at the kids table too…Haha…

The dining room decor….I wanted to show my sister. 🙂


One thought on “Thanksgiving Weekend Random Pictures

  1. Lib, Lib, Lib,Check out this statue, “Come Unto Me.”I want to get one someday.And I’ll get my temple recommend asap.See you Sunday,Love,DAD

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