The Beach.

Today is so beautiful out. It made me miss the beach. This is St. John, VI. My favorite beach in the world. I want to go back.

This is Cocoa Beach. I used to hang out here when I worked at Disney World.
This is Huntington Beach. I know how to get here by heart. There is a perfect spot to the left of the pier where you can sit and read and watch the surfers. Good times.

3 thoughts on “The Beach.

  1. I remember being in St. John with you and Jen and all the gang, Lib. I’m glad you have such good memories and are making even more.I thought of you last week when we were on the beach in San Diego!Love,DAD

  2. Hey Trunk Bay on St John dosent get much better then that. I was last summer it was amazing as always. Might see it in April on a cruise if we go over to st john’s. Hope you doing good Liz.

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