Maine Lighthouses and Lobster

While we were in Vermont, we made a mini trip up to Maine so we could see a lighthouse and perhaps eat some seafood. Here are the highlights of that trip:

We sat down for a lobster dinner. Yum!

My poor lobster! I couldn’t look him in the eyes!

Mike had a double dose!

He got to meet his before he ate them!

Poor thing!

We found our lighthouse!

We were booking it to make it before sunset!

But what a pretty sunset it was!

Welcome to Maine! The Way It Should Be!

3 thoughts on “Maine Lighthouses and Lobster

  1. I have always wanted to do a ski/snowboard trip back east…even though I’ve never done either before! Oh well. You should definitely go to the Bahamas–it was so much fun. If you do go, call me, and I will give you all the inside knowledge 🙂

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