The Zoo

It’s been a while since I blogged and unfortunately I haven’t taken too many pictures. Pretty much my time spent now is working, getting ready for the wedding, sleeping, and working out.

So since a majority of my life right now is at school, I figured I would blog about that. My classroom has full on become a zoo. It’s my fault because I can’t say no and I love animals a little too much. This is what I have to go to every day:

I have two red slider turtles that showed up a couple of weeks ago. They are the smelliest things ever and I pretty much have to clean their cage twice a week. BUT, when their little faces look at you, they are so cute! They always look like they are smiling!

Angel, the leopard gecko, is a classroom favorite. She was a donation from my stepmom who was trying to get rid of her. She is pretty low maintenance and I highly recommend her for a pet.

Noodles the snake holds a special place in my heart. I got him my second year of teaching and he has managed to survive six more years of grubby kids and moving from apartment to apartment. I love him, but I expect him to go soon since they only live to be about seven.

My firebellied toads crack me up. They are always croaking when its quiet. Plus they have such a smug look on their face. Silly guys.

I know…beta fishes are really simple, but I have seriously become attached to my beta Orlando. Every morning he swims over to a certain spot in his bowl and waits for me to feed him. So cute!

Am I a nerd or what???

2 thoughts on “The Zoo

  1. Noodles looks nicer than he did when he lived at my house. I miss that time with you.And I thank you for being there.I’m so glad you have animals around.I always thought you would be a marine biologist or a zoologist.DAD

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