The New Pad…

It’s still in the works..but here is what we have all set up in our house. Poor Mike… wife came in and took over! Haha

If you have ever lived with me, you would recognize this room as a setup of my old room. I like to call it “Noodle’s room”…(my pet garter snake is in there)

The sitting room.

The cool pictures and paintings we got…

The dining room…

My picture set up…

The kitchen.

The other view of the kitchen.

3 thoughts on “The New Pad…

  1. Lib, Lib, Lib,You have already turned that poor boy's life upside down. The place looks nice. But it already did. Mike is no slouch when it c omes to taking care of a house. (Ignore the backyard).Seriously, Georgia and I couldn't be happier for you. Mike, don't let Liz/Lib drive you crazy.Call me if you need support.DAD

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