The Best of Las Cruces

So far almost every time the past couple of weeks when I introduce myself to someone and tell them I just moved here from Las Vegas I get an “I’m sorry.”… or a “Why?”. Yes, it doesn’t exactly feel great to hear it, but instead of being bitter like most people are who move here, I am taking it to the next level.

Back in Vegas the newspaper released a Best of Las Vegas issue every year. I decided it is my job to go and try out things here in Las Cruces and basically give my review of the “best” things. I am going to blog about it on a separate blog and give my opinion of what I like and why I like it. Hey, it will give me a chance to find things here that I enjoyed back home!

Here is one thing I’m going to put on my list:

Best Smoothie

The place is called Junga Juice on Lohman right behind the Target parking lot. I’ll be honest, most of the smoothies are really sweet and sugary, but go in there and order the Acai Berry Blast. Best smoothie. Let’s just say I tried the other smoothie places in town and they just don’t live up to my expectations of a good smoothie. Try it!

Stay tuned for more!

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