One More Week!

A week from today Mike and I will be flying to San Juan, Puerto Rico for a seven day cruise!! I have been dying for a vacation! We both have! We like how there are so many ports so we can explore the Caribbean. Here is the order of where we are going.

San Juan

The first day is quick because we get in at 3pm and have to be to the boat quick. As soon as we get ont he boat, we can leave and go explore San Juan. I’m excited for Mike to have his first cruise experience. This is the day we do muster and pretty much explore the ship!

St. Thomas/St. John (Trunk Bay)

I’ve been to St. Thomas before on a family vacation. When we went, we took a ferry over to trunk bay in St. John. This is a picture of it. It is one of the most beautiful beaches I have evr seen in my life! We plan on going here and snorkeling for a while..maybe some snuba too! 🙂


I have never been to any of the rest of these ports but I am superexcited about it. Some options for us are Trafalgar Falls and Emerald Pools, Jaco Falls, and Hot Springs. There is an option to go on a tour of the island for only twenty five bucks…but we will see how we are feeling!


It was highly recommended to just explore the beaches here. They do have a shipwreck snorkel and also you can rent scooters for five bucks! I have a feeling it will be a chill day here. All the reviews keep saying how wonderful the beaches are here.

St. Lucia

They have rainforests here and ziplining is the thing to do! I really want to do this and if I can get a reservation for it we will. They also have bike rentals here.


We want to rent some ATVs here and go around the island. Also the reviews said that snorkeling was the thing to do!

St. Kitts

So this is where they say that mountain biking is the best. We hope to try it out just to say we have mountain biked in the Caribbean. Also, I guess the people here are really pushy about buying things, so we are prepared to fight them off!

Then its back to San Juan, where we will spend the night and enjoy the sites! It came so fast…we hope it doesn’t go too fast!

3 thoughts on “One More Week!

  1. I think cruises one of the best vacation you can go on! Phill has never been on one either – one day I am taking him! Sounds like you are going on the same cruise my parents & Adam & Christy went on not too long ago! Have fun!

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