Welcome to the World of Eighth Grade…

Since I spend most of my life in the classroom, I figured I would blog about it. Every day, I walk in my classroom, set up any labs, computer equipment, print wordsearches (my kids love them!), and wait out til about 9:30 for my first class to come in.
I was laughing the other day at the MANY different personalities I have to deal with. I’ve been doing this for eight years, but for some reason I think eighth grade has to be the strangest grade, hands down. They are either extremely bitter about life, extremely awkward, or they have it all together. It’s like everyone is at a different level in life.

The Sleeper. Gotta love those. Every day in third period, I have a student who comes in and immediately naps. Of course, my deal with him is if he can get his work done, I’ll let him sleep. And he does it. My sub left a note on Wednesday and said that the sleeper was snoring so loud she had to do something about it. Haha.
I have this girl that has full on attitude. I have never yelled at her for anything, but for some reason she feels like anything I have to say, she has to roll her eyes and give attitude. I don’t think I have ever seen her smile.

What the girls wear. Our school is a little loose on the dress code. I have seen outfits like this a lot andwhen you send them up on it, they come back with a jacket and then proceed to try and take it off. I will NOT let my daughter out of the house looking like this. Hello, they are fourteen!

For some reason my eighth period thinks that its cool to wear nerdy 3d glasses in class. At least one or two students a day will be wearing these in this class.

Just one question. Why do all the football players have to be in my biggest class and in the same class together??

The fashion diva. There is a girl in one of my classes that totally reminds me of a fashion diva. She was excited to see I went to UNLV. She wants to go there and get a business license, then go to cosmotology school and get her license. She wears pink leggings, heels, and carries a Victoria’s Secret bag around. So cute.

Then I have a lot of boys that are “one of a kind”. There is really not much to say but that they march to the beat of their own drum. In fact, I got the term from one of them asking me the other day, “Mrs. Barrow, I am one of the kind aren’t I?”

Yes. They all are.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the World of Eighth Grade…

  1. Haha love the pics to illustrate your points. LOL.(And you better believe if Sarah ever tries to leave the house looking like pic #3, she's gonna get her butt kicked by her mamma!)

  2. I'd have to slap that attitude off their faces.That's why I'm not a teacher…..and still out of jail.Sometimes I wonder why you and Jen and Dave didn't call the authorities though. Your Mom and I abused you by today's obnoxious standards.DAD

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