So for the last five year I have been brainstorming a job I could do from home when I have kids, or when I take a little hiatus from teaching. I’ve always wanted to have a business out of my home…nothing too big..but just a little side job to earn a little extra money. Here are some of the ideas I came up with since 2005. If you can help me with any ideas, or suggest anything, let me know!

Writing Trade Books or Children’s Books

My mom writes science books for a publishing company. Ever since I went to BYU for the summer and studied Children’t Lit, I have been dying to write these things called “trade books”, which are picture books that contain nonfiction information. As a science teacher, I use these types of books all the time.


I used to paint and sketch all the time. I’m not a really good artist, but I like to make patterns and stuff. I was tempted to try and see if I can come up with some sketches to work on.


Liesl and I had this brilliant idea when we roomed together to come up with a modest clothing line. She had more connections, but it would be so fun to revamp my sewing skills and try to come up with some modest fashionable clothingwear.

Pampered Chef/Avon

A lot of my friends work for these companies and make a lot of side money hosting parties for these companies. The only problem is Las Cruces is kind of small, so that may be a problem.

3 thoughts on “Brainstorm.

  1. I think the trade books sounds awesome! Also the modest clothes! Every time I find a cute dress it's just not quite long enough, I need to wear a sweater with it, or it's too darn expensive! I would totally buy one! 🙂 You're so talented!

  2. I have a book about writing and publishing children's books and you are more than welcomed to use it. Very recently I have asked around about Avon and haven't gotten a good response, but I may still try it… maybe. 😦 My sister did Avon and Pampered Chef and liked PC a hundred times more than Avon. She said PC was a lot more organized and easier to work with, but you do have a month required of $200. I know some people in our neighbor who do both if you want more info about selling here in NM.

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