Ten Reasons Why I Am Being A Slacker At Work…

1. Daylight Savings time is kicking my butt….I can barely function today because of lack of sleep.

2. I am so nervous about this weekend’s race. This is a very hard trail and I know I am going to biff it!

3. Spring Break officially starts tomorrow afternoon, therefore why do work?

4. I’m trying to plan out my Spring Break.

5. I’m too busy planning what to do for Mike for his birthday.

6. The kids are watching a video today, so its way easy.

7. I much rather be outside because the weather is GORGEOUS.

8. The only thing I should work on is grading papers and I hate doing that.

9. The other thing I could work on is bills and I hate doing that more than grading papers.

10. Because I don’t feel like working. 🙂

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