Spring Break

1. I placed first in the Coyote Classic. (see previous blog).

2. I deweeded the front lawn and side yard and added some touches outside. I can’t wait to do the back yard!

3. I BBQ’d a couple of times, inclding Mike’s birthday shin dig after a Tuesday night ride. Success.

4. I finally got to get Christa out for a ride so I can officially now have another girl to ride with when Lisa has to work.

5. I went through my closet and got rid of clothes I don’t wear and organized Mike’s rummaged through mountain bike clothes.

6. I flew to Vegas to see my family.

7. I got to get a tour of my sister’s gym and pretend like I was still living in Vegas so I could get a free week’s pass. Afterwards I did an extremely hard Pilates class that kicked my butt.

8. I went shopping with my mom and sister just like old times.

9. I watched Sarah do her dance routine to “Fuego”, which is really awesome by the way.

10. I got to go to a morning session at the Las Vegas Temple. I love that temple so much. I almost started crying when I walked in. It reminded me of all the after school sessions I would go to. Never take for granted having a temple in your home town. Living in Las Cruces has reminded me of how important the temple is to me and I can’t wait til we get one closer to us!

11. I got to eat a sandwich with my dad.

12. I got to play a game of Guesstures with the whole family and see how talented Jen and Wayne are at charades.

13. I laughed really hard with my sister about silly things. It felt so good!

14. I got to sit and watch a BBC movie with my mom and enjoy chattering about England.

15. I got to sleep in A LOT!

16. I finished a book I have been trying to read for a long time!

17. I got to eat sushi with Jen, Wayne, Dave, and Laura and it was amazing!

I am so grateful to be a teacher and especially grateful for all the special people in my life!

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