Socorro, NM

This past weekend was spent in good old Socorro, NM. A very small town between Las Cruces and Albuquerque. It was a two day race extravaganza which involved some river riding, rain, fog, heat, and lots of dust!

The first race was a hill climb at South Baldy Point. To get to the starting line, there was a flooded river to get across. People had to decide to carry their bikes or to just ride through it. When the race started, you had to cross the river two more times on the way up.

Because of the rain and snow, the race was shortened from 8 miles to 5.5 miles, which was a huge relief for all the beginners and not so great for people like Mike who actually enjoy the torture of long distance hill climbs.

Mike made it to the top in just under an hour. I made it up in an hour and nineteen minutes! It was a success. Mike got second in his really big sports category and I got first by twenty seconds.

The next day consisted of a cross country race down at a lower elevation, which means no snow or rain. The starting line is actually found on If you type in “Tour of Socorro 2010” you can see Mike starting right up front on the sports start and you can see me false start when the beginners take off. Haha.

Mike got fifth place and second place overall and I got first place beginner and first place overall.

It was a successful weekend!

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