Summer Ambitions

I am so excited because I brought my computer home from school so I don’t have to share with Mike anymore. 🙂 I’m sure he appreciates that a lot too.
Anyway, I have so many summer projects that I am trying to take on and get done by August and if they are finished, boy will it be nice! (I live in a fantasy world.)
The first thing was that I was offered a job to teach for NASA and the stuff I make with my students will get flown up in a shuttle next April! There may be a chance I can’t do it because I signed up for it last minute, but it will make up for disappointment that I didn’t get to go to Space Camp with my coworkers this year. (I have wanted to go to space camp since I was in the Young Astronauts Club in elementary school. Can you believe how nerdy I was?)
I am working on our backyard too. It is my goal to put rocks in by the end of the summer. I already cleared out one of the side yards in the 100 degree heat!
I am decorating Mike’s den with his mountain bike pictures. Since we are going all out this year (due to the fact that we plan on starting a family soon and feel like we need to go all out before I get pregnant), we have a ton of really nice pictures from the races and I am really excited to put them up.
I would like to start the whole cupcake thing, but it seems like every Wednesday and Saturday is booked til July. I really like the idea of cupcakes in a jar and tried it out and it actually looks really cool.
I’m very excited to sell the Lexus and get Mike’s truck registered and put in the garage. That means we will no longer have four cars and have them all out front of our house! (So white trash. Haha.)

I have a huge list of books to read this summer and I’m starting with one that my sister got for me. It’s called ” These is My Words” by Nancy Turner. Any suggestions on other books?

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