A GNC Experiment

For the last few days, Mike and I have tried out this kit from GNC. We both have different reasons for why we are using it. I mainly wanted to try it out because I have hit a weight plateau, even after the amount of biking and working out I do. I saw this in the store and looked up the reviews and found that most people lost about seven pounds in one week on this. I am not really doing it for the weight loss, more just to see if I can get below my plateau and try and get a routine of taking supplements (which is highly recommended by ALL the fitness magazines I read) as well as drinking some protein shakes (which should be done after a workout).
It is so good to get you in a routine! I am on day three right now and I haven’t even weighed in but I can tell a few things. One, I love how it helps me to eat healthy all day (it comes with a meal plan). I really need someone to tell me when to eat and what to eat. I found I had a lot of this stuff already! Two, I have built muscle. I just looked in the mirror and could actually see my belly button. No joke, I have never seen my stomach like it has. Three, the shakes are really good and keep me full. The only thing that wigs me out a little are the supplements. I get really jittery and also can’t sleep. (Hence, why I am blogging at the wee hours of the morning.)
Anyway, I’ll keep you posted on our final results. This kit is supposed to “kick start” a balanced diet and really like how it prepares you to be healthy. It’s fun to experiment and be a nerdy science teacher on myself. Ha ha.

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