Fun In The Sun: San Diego

Mike and I wanted to take a trip to the beach, so we loaded up the car and drove to San Diego! Believe it or not, the car ride isn’t too bad (especially when you have games on your cell phone) and it is totally worth the wait. Here are some pictures we got from our little vacation.
Mike and I rode the hills of La Jolla. These hills are monsterous. You know they are huge when people are clapping and cheering for you from their car as you ride up the hill.
This is called “Urban Mountain Biking”. He He.
Mike’s day of boogie boarding! Liz’s day of getting sun burned..

Lil’ Hen is a good luck charm I put in my camel back when I race. She wanted a vacation too.

We took a bike path from our hotel over to Mission Beach. It was so nice cause we didn’t have to drive around and try to find parking spots. We were going faster than the cars on some parts!

We stayed at the King’s Inn with this silly restaurant called the “Waffle Spot” with the “Waffle King”!

At La Jolla Cove where we saw a whole bunch of seals chilling on the rocks!

Love Wahoo’s! We ate there a few times! I love this place and was so glad to share it with Mike!!

Hotel Del Coronado on Coronado Island. So scary to drive the bridge over, but such a beautiful beach. One of the U.S.’s top ten beaches.

The first day we were there where we rode right on the beach.

Beach. Happiness.

Our first ride down the boardwalk on Mission Beach. So fun! Great people watching place too.

Overall, an awesome trip! We will definitely go back!

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