Random Post.

So I keep thinking of random things I would love to share with the blogging world. Now that I have the time to sit down and share them, here are some things I have been thinking about lately:

Jen and I have been sending voice recorders back and forth for a while now. It’s good because our schedules are way off so we don’t get a lot of time to talk on the phone. I love it cause I can rant and add my comments to things as if she was right there and vice versa. Such a good idea for long distance. P.S. Jen and I did this way back in 2000 when she lived in NY. P.S.S. We got the idea off the show Felicity. Remember that show?
For lunch at school I have been eating these pizzas and they are so good. It really helps with portioning too!

I love my new phone. New apps! New features! And I love how fast it is!

If you could choose between Washington, Arizona, and Florida to live, what would you pick? Not saying why I’m asking…but you’ll see….

Remember the song “Back Here” by BBMak. Mike and I were talking about that song the other day so I went in my stash and found all my cds from the boy band days. Needless to say we have been listening to that song. Mike Quote: “After listening to their whole cd, I have concluded that Back Here is the only good song and pretty much the rest of the cd is gay.” Ha Ha.

Still trying to get through this book. Not that it is bad. Just that I have NO TIME to read!

I finally buckled down and got a curling iron so I can actually try to curl my hair for Sundays and some days when I actually want to dress up for work.

The Last Song is actually a pretty good movie!

I want to grow my hair long. I am officially starting NOW.

We had some ant issues a few weeks back. They were everywhere in our kitchen. These babies work wonders! NO MORE ANTS!

We found a dead bird in our side yard. Mike and I had to tag team and figure out a way to get rid of it. It was so sad!!

And last but not least, I have found that Hearts is on my work computer. Is it sad I pretend I am working on something and play it sometimes?

1 thought on “Random Post.

  1. I vote for the place that is closest to us. Or anywhere I can visit.If you could choose between Washington, Arizona, and Florida to live, what would you pick? Not saying why I'm asking…but you'll see….

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