Signal Peak Challenge

This was seriously like a month ago, but as you can tell, I am blogging everything at once to catch up on stuff going on around here.
First up, Signal Peak Challenge. Due to my crash in Cedro and the fact that I hadn’t been to church in almost a month, I decided to sit out on the race and head home to church. BUT, I did camp with the crew before heading back to Cruces.
We had a good time riding around, making SMORES, looking at the stars, and best of all, enjoying the great outdoors. Signal Peak is really pretty. We want to camp out there sometime!
This was Mike taking off on the starting line….boy this was a hard race!

All of the racers.
Mike and company…including a dog. P.S. A yellow lab chased Mike’s group all the way up to the top of the mountain!

Mike getting some wood for our campfire!

Lisa goofing off!

Thomas’s son Matthew. Such a cute kid and has guts to ride through mud like that.

The nasty rain clouds on the way up. We were luck to miss it!

Overall, a VERY hard race. Some people did not finish. Mike finished in seventh. I hear its the hardest race of the season.

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